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  • Employment Lawyer
  • 41 Years Experience
  • Million Dollar Results
  • Overtime Cases

Pia Gallegos fights against Fortune 500 corporations, local powerhouse corporations, and the federal government. She has obtained verdicts and settlements of more than $1 million on multiple occasions. She prosecutes overtime class action law suits on behalf of groups of employees with similar interests.

Whether through aggressive litigation or mediation, Ms. Gallegos represents employees in a wide range of disputes with employers.


Gallegos Representing All Types of Workers

When you are facing employment harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or termination, get qualified legal advice.

  • Professionals
  • Engineers
  • University professors
  • Corporate executives
  • Government employees
  • Medical technicians
  • Call center employees
  • Retail store workers
  • Physicians and nurses
  • Factory workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Restaurant staff

Pia Gallegos Law Firm, P.C. represents employees in New Mexico federal and state courts, and federal employees before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Merit Systems Protection Board. She represents employees in disciplinary actions in both the private and federal sectors.

Solving your employment issues sensibly

When you have an employment grievance, you need a lawyer who works efficiently and resolves your problem sensibly. Pia Gallegos uses innovative strategies to help you achieve your goals within a practical framework. Ms. Gallegos looks for opportunities to accept your case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not owe attorney fees unless you win compensation. For cases where a contingency fee does not easily apply, Ms. Gallegos suggests other means of addressing your concerns at a reasonable cost.

Standing up for your rights with help from a skilled employment lawyer

Attorney Pia Gallegos is a fearless litigator who works on behalf of her clients because she believes in workplace justice. Stand up for your rights with help from a skilled employment lawyer.